Download Acrobat PDF format of the trip waiver.

Download GCA Trip Waiver

Waiver Retention:
After your trip, please scan and send your waivers to This will allow us to find any waiver for any trip that we have run.

Scans should be named in the following format:

For example: 20150502-Chattahoochee-Smith

How you get the waivers scanned and emailed will depend on the tools you have available.

1)  The low tech option is to email and ask for an address to mail them to.

2)  Some copying machines have the ability to scan and email documents.

3)  If you have a smart phone you can use it as a scanner.

CamScan is a free app for Android and Apple app that will turn your smart phone camera into a document scanner. Below is a video showing how it works.

Another app for Apple iPhones is Genius Scan:

If you have any questions, please email