Take Action to Protect the Okefenokee

We have seen firsthand what historically happens once a mining company gets a foothold on an initial parcel of land. For decades, mining heavy-mineral sands for profit has continued to expand from Florida into Georgia, destroying critically important wetlands and...

Underwater Comfort – improving your mental game

Being comfortable under water is key for paddlers. The focus of the clinic is increasing comfort with being upside down/under water. This will be achieved through drills and techniques that are designed to: improve comfort under water, extend the length of time one...

Directional Rolling with ERA – August 15, 2021

Do you need some work on your roll? Are you rolling on both sides? Have you started rolling directionally? This is the day for rolling. We will include flat and moving water time. Come prepared to be upside down and ready to improve your skill. Taught by ERA...

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There is no more beautiful paddle in the world than the Okefenokee Swamp but the swamp is in grave danger.

Donate now to stop a proposed titanium mine at the swamp’s border and protect it from future development!  ACT NOW TO DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT!


The first $1,000 in total contributions will be matched by the GCA.  Please donate below in $1 increments. Example:  Enter 10 for a $10 contribution.

  • Twin Pines Minerals, an Alabama mining company, proposes to build a mine on the edge of the Okefenokee Swamp that would create unknown risks to the water level in the swamp and, for certain, create noise, light and air pollution.  For more information, click on this link:  Mine Threatens Okefenokee Swamp
  • With recent changes to the Federal Clean Water Act, Federal environmental organizations have lost their ability to stop the mine. So it is up to the state of Georgia and the efforts of environmental groups and individuals to save the swamp.
  • GCA is a member of the Georgia Water Coalition (GWC) which is advocating before the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Division to deny the necessary permits for the mine.
  • GWC’s campaign involves developing a local groundswell of opposition to the mine and funding is needed to support this effort. For more information or to participate directly with GWC, contact Dan MacIntyre at dmacintyre4@gmail.com.
  • The GCA Board has authorized a $1,000 contribution to GWC from the River Protection Fund.
  • GCA will also match the first $1,000 in total contributions received, dollar for dollar.  ACT NOW TO DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT!  FURTHER ACTION IS NEEDED –The Georgia Water Coalition (GWC) has a long history of representing Georgia’s waters in matters before the state of Georgia.   GWC has formed a committee to advocate before Georgia DNR and EPD to deny permits necessary for the mine.  This involves contacting Georgia Officials (the Governor and the members of the Board of Natural Resources).

    If you have any ability to contact GOVERNOR KEMP, any of his MAJOR DONORS, or members of the GEORGIA BOARD OF NATURAL RESOURCES, please email Dan MacIntyre at dmacintyre4@gmail.com.