Volunteer Opportunities

Both the Georgia Canoe & Kayak Paddlers Website and the Georgia Canoeing Association are operated and supported by 100% volunteers. Volunteers just like you! It is your chance to get involved and give back to the paddling community that you enjoy so much.

Find out more about the following positions:

Want to volunteer but don’t see a job below that doesn’t quite fit or have a private event, trip, or article you would like posted? Just contact us using the Contact Us forms as we would love to hear from you.

Trip Coordinators

You pick a river, the date, and the time to paddle; The GCA will have a bunch of people with their canoes and kayaks show up to paddle with you!Become a GCA Trip Coordinator and get your paddling trip or event on our calendar. GCA Trip Coordinators are the real heros of our summer calendar keeping scheduled with canoe and kayak trips every weekend all year long. You don’t have to be an expert to be a trip coordinator either! All it takes is some basic organization skills, paddling comfort on the river or lake you are paddling, and having a great time!

You can find out more on the Trip Coordinators page or by contracting the Cruisemaster on their contact page.

Canoe & Kayak Instructors / Training Assistants / Boater Safety

Help people grow in their canoe or kayak skills and give back to the club that provided some of the training classes you took starting out. You could be an instructor for Kayak, Canoe, Swift Water Rescue, or General Safety such as First Aid. You are the person we are looking for you! ACA Certified Canoe and Kayak Instructors are always needed so we can fill out our great yearly training schedule.

We are always also looking out for talented paddlers to act as competent aids and safety boaters for our ACA Instruction Programs and other training type programs such as “Ducky Day” introducing new people to the whitewater sport.

Let us know your interest by contacting our Training/Safety Coordinator and Cruisemaster from their contact pages.

Online Community Managers

Are you a friendly outgoing person that loves to help fellow paddlers? Awesome! So are we and we are looking for more of us to help maintain the community sections of our website. This involves maintaining content and users on our community portal such as photos, videos, blogs, comments, etc. Making interesting conversations, keeping fresh discussions going on, helping decide additions such as adding new groups, and helping protect everyone from hurtful or inappropriate content that hopefully we will never see.

If you are interested in being a Community Manager show your talent by communicating with others on the site and contacting the Webmaster on their contact page.

Online Editorial Managers

Do you happen to always be writing great articles for message boards, on top of the important issues regarding paddling, have an eye for spelling and grammar, and just love to write and put out content that others will find highly useful or informative then we need you! Have access to add, edit, and publish articles on the Georgia Paddlers website and show the community what we stand for. We need plenty of talented writers to help maintain the content on our site and always keep it updated with fresh and current material.

If you are interested in being a Online Editorial Manager show your talent by submitting articles for the website and contacting the Webmaster on their contact page.