I really love the Flint River.  I started whitewater canoeing on this river, and for many years, paddled it exclusively.  In the early 80s I had the chance to go with a film crew on an exploration of this area, and fell in love with this river!

Atlanta’s growth has had a serious impact on the water flow of the upper Flint, lowering it’s level.  Below Albany, Ga, the Flint is also fed by springs.  It becomes the “Mighty Flint” and is a true wonder.

Flint Riverkeepers, led by Gordan Rogers, is keeping a serious watch on river conditions. 

If you have not canoed or kayaked  this river, you are mission a GA wonder!

Recently, I have had the opportunity to explore this river, from Albany, GA, south.  It was a little drive, but well worth it!

My 1st paddle this year, south of Albany, was organized by the Flint Riverkeepers, and the beauty of this paddle, reminded me of why I fell in love with this amazing river.

Last week, I was invited to paddle in an event hosted by the Albany, GA, Flint River Aquarium.  I was reminded “Southern Charm” is alive and well!  These folks are really NICE!  and helpful!

I can’t begin to tell you how beautiful this river is or how nice the folks in south GA are, but I will say that if you have the chance to paddle this natural beauty, go for it!