Protect the Wild Heart of Georgia:

Ask Your Legislators to Vote YES on HB 1289

A risky scheme to mine near the Okefenokee Swamp threatens Georgia’s priceless jewel. The Okefenokee is North America’s largest freshwater waterland. It’s a world-renowned destination for a true wild adventure. Take action today to protect the wild heart of Georgia. 

In the 1990s, Georgia’s leaders spoke out against a mining proposal along the same ridge. Georgia’s leaders should do the same now. And they can protect the Okefenokee’s future by passing HB 1289, which permanently protects an important part of Georgia.

Here’s why: the future of the Okefenokee is at risk, again.

An Alabama-based company, Twin Pines Minerals, LLC is proposing a mining operation that threatens the Okefenokee and tourism related jobs in the area.

Mining Threatens Water Levels, Wildlife, and Fire Frequency in the Okefenokee and Surrounding Areas

Mining next to the swamp can cause lasting and irreversible negative impacts to the swamp, its wildlife, regional ecotourism and adjacent timberlands.

Mining Threatens Economies of Surrounding Communities

Industrial mining operations near the entrance of a world-renowned wilderness area threatens jobs. The Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge brings an estimated $64.7 million in tourism dollars and local jobs.

The Cities of Homeland, Kingsland, St Marys, Waycross/Ware County, and Valdosta GA have passed local resolutions asking state officials to do everything possible to protect the Okefenokee.

The Okefenokee is The Wrong Place To Mine

This is the second time in 2-decades that industrial mining corporations have tried to dig up deposits of mineral rich sands near the Okefenokee. But, the mineral sands available in this vulnerable area are available in abundance elsewhere in the US. 

Protections for this area under federal law are unclear. Georgians shouldn’t have to rely on the federal government to protect our valuable and irreplaceable Okefenokee.

The Okefenokee is the wild heart of Georgia. Don’t risk it. Protect the future of the Okefenokee today. Ask legislators to PASS HB 1289 to permanently protect the Okefenokee Swamp from this and future risky mining proposals. And send a message to state regulators to protect the Okefenokee now.