were talking tonight about how the name of a rapid on the Cartercay
has changed names for some strange reason. I have been running this
river since 1976 – in fact my ex-husband’s family owned all the land
on both sides of the river at the covered bridge – actually back then
there was no covered bridge. However, after the ex’s grandmother died
the land was divided among the 11 siblings. Some chose to keep their
land other chose to sell to development. “Farist” Rd. was
my ex’s family.

people are referring to the river’s slide/fall rapid as Blackberry.
It was and as far as I know always called by locals as Stegall Mill
Fall. Just curious how it metamorphosed into Blackberry. Blackberry
is the development that came about in the 80’s. The developer even
took control of the river trying to banned paddlers from using the
river and take-out at the falls. Jay represented the paddlers and was
able to get the Gilmer County Commission to permit paddlers to take
off the river below the covered bridge.

Development has never done one thing to be honored by the naming of
the rapid. They were allowed to develop too close to the river and
when the river rises the trash/debris from decks, lawn furniture and
like have littered this river for years. And, it seems no one is
responsible for cleaning up the homeowners messes. They probably
spend more on keeping paddlers off the river. Unless someone knows
otherwise, I suggest paddlers call the rapid Stegall Mill. Quit
giving credit to those who basically ruined a great river.

& Alice