Join us as we start our 2011 explorer trips.  March 25-27, 2011, in Darien, GA.

We will begin our explorations on GA’s largest river, the Altamaha River, where it meets the Atlantic Ocean.  We will be partnering with the Altamaha Riverkeepers and Danny Grissett from Altamaha Coastal Tours for an exciting week-end of paddling.

On Saturday, we will begin early, for a day on the Altamaha River, to the ocean.  On Sunday, we will start early, for a paddle on the inner coastal waterways.

The following week-end, April 1-3, Darien, GA celebrates one of the best events to attend in the USA, the “Blessing of the Fleet”. 

Some of GCA’s members will be staying and exploring GA’s coastal paddling.  Let me know if you will be attending this paddle and-or staying.

I plan to paddle and camp for 10 -/+ days on GA’s coast.  I hope you will join me for some or all of this fun…