The Middle Ocoee is a Class III-IV section or rivers that is one of the great river rollercoster rides in the south. It contains constant rapids with only one major sections of slow moving water (The “Doldrums”). The Ocoee is a TVA dam controlled river and provides recreational releases all summer long giving us boaters both a beautiful as well as challenging river to paddle on most of the season. Very strong intermediate skills are suggested to attempt the Middle Ocoee and your first time down should be with some advanced paddlers that know the river. The Ocoee is one of the most rafted rivers in the United States.

  • River Difficulty: Advanced (Class III-IV)
  • Distance: 5 miles (#2 Dam to #2 Powerhouse)
  • Minimum Suggested Level: Scheduled Recreational Release (DAM Controlled)

Matthew Crawford Punching Double Trouble

(Caption: Matthew punching Double Trouble)

River Information:

Weather Information:

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Put In / Take Out Location:

The put in for this river is located at the TCA Ocoee #2 dam. It has a large parking lot with facilities and a unloading area near the top of the dam. Generally people either then walk their boats down a ramp to the next of the dam where there is a little staging eddy before hitting a Class III entrance rapid or the put in at the “rail” about 100ft down the main road from the put in allowing you to miss the no-warmup rapid called “Grunpy’s”.

The main takeout for this river is a USFS pullout about 1/2 mile down from #2 powerhouse AKA “Hell Hole” and “Powerhouse” rapids. Once again the takeout has basic facilities including a changing room. Be careful when you park to park at the public take out and not at the take out for commercial outfitters. People have been towed from this mistake. Also be aware to be careful of roadside parking, you must be completely over the line and into the shoulder or the same fate of being towed may await you.
Another secondary put in / take out is Goforth Creek about halfway down the river. You will see a small parking lot on the right when headed toward the takeout. This is great use for a half day on a river, secondary run, or someone that want to start warming up to the Ocoee but not ready for the whole thing (Goforth to the lake is considered the easier stretch of this section). Parking is very limited.
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River Maps:

Ocoee Dam #2

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Nearby Outfitters:

Rock/Creek Ocoee
Phone: 877-707-6709
Services: Kayak Demos / Paddling Store
Location: 1680 Hwy 64, Benton, TN 37307

NOC Ocoee Outpost
Phone: 888-905-7238
Services: Guided Raft Trips
Location: Horn’s Creek Resort

Wildwater Ltd.
Phone: 800-451-9972
Services: Guided Raft Trips
Location: 4596 Hwy 64 West, Ducktown, TN 37326

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