Time for you to become a GCA trip coordinator, the single most important job in the club. It is where the rubber meets the road. We will set up a trip, your way. You chose the time the place the participants the weather…. Well the weather is a stretch but I am real lucky for picking pretty days months in advance. I’ll help with posting, screening, promoting, waivers, safety speil, and I can run sweep or lead. I’ll do those tasks that you want to delgate. 


Canoe and kayak trips on smooth water, black water, real short lakes, class I and II and “class II with the occasional class III whitewater thrown in so I can swim” are all fine. Don’t rule out canoe / kayak camping trips or kayak fishing trips. Florida, Alabama, South or North Carolina or Tennessee area trips are doable as well. This will be your trip and you get to do it your way (with my coaching and help with the leg work).

Trip coordination is fun, easy, gratifying and not stressful at all. Call me and put me to work or I’ll just stay home and cut the lawn or wash the driveway. How can you live with yourself? Call now. June, July, September are available.

Vincent Payne, 678-343-5292 cell