Many of you are familiar with LongSwamp Creek in Jasper and given the
rain we have had it is pumping. My In-laws live right on Longswamp
creek below the Cove Road Bridge. They sent pictures of the creek
flooding the creek banks.

The take out to the normal run is typically above the bridge at the
old Quarry. Now that this is blocked off some may try and run the
river and take out below the bridge – DO NOT! The man who owns the
property on the Creek and on the front part of an easement has placed
a cable across LongSwamp at normal non-runnable flows it would be
neck high but at runnable levels it would be waist high pr just below
the surface and a killer either way.

I thought the county made the guy take the cable down but when
driving down the easement I saw it.  There have been disputes to
have this cable removed but unfortunately it remains. This guy is not
friendly and would not be hospitable should you accidentally show up
on his land. This is a damn shame because My In-Laws would love to
have you run their section of the river.

Be careful out there and do not go below the Cove Road Bridge.

Todd McGinnis

PS I have seen what comes out of that river after a flood and let me
tell you it is some pretty cool and huge stuff. The last flood after
Ivan left several 6 foot high by 18inch wide cubed pillars in their