PARTICIPANTS MUST PROVIDE ALL OF THEIR OWN EQUIPMENT! No gear is included in the clinic fee. Participants must have at a minimum the following:

  • Whitewater kayak

  • Helmet

  • Personal flotation device

  • Spray skirt

  • Paddle

  • Appropriate footwear (paddling booties, water shoes, etc.) is required.  Thin, lower-profile shoes are suggested.  Flip flops are not recommended because they will fall off during a swim.  Sandals such as Tevas, Chacos do not fit well in whitewater kayaks and have the potential to get hung inside the kayak during a flip.

  • Also suggested is synthetic clothing such as the following, depending upon how cold-natured you are:

    • Neoprene wetsuit (farmer John/Jane style with no sleeves)

    • Paddling splash jacket or drytop

    • Polyester fleece top

    • Bathing suit (for the ladies a two-piece design tends to be easier when answering the call of nature in the woods…)

    • Polypro underwear/long johns

    • NO COTTON GARMENTS are permitted

We also recommend the following:

  • Plenty of bottled water

  • Lunch you can pack in your boat

  • Sunblock

  • Waterproof camera if desired

If you do not have your own gear, the following places can rent gear to you.  Please call them to inquire about arranging a gear rental as rentals are NOT included or arranged through the clinic.

$100.00 for GCA members
$135.00 for non-GCA members (includes GCA membership)


Payment will be due on day of class.  Please make checks payable to GCA.

Swimming Ability:

You must be able to swim and should not panic with your head under water. Beginning kayak clinic participants will spend a lot of time upside down inside their kayaks on the lake.

Physical Condition:

Whitewater paddling is a physically and mentally challenging activity that requires fitness, flexibility, and a positive attitude in stressful situations. Kayaking is a high-risk activity for individuals with a history of shoulder dislocations. Applicants should discuss potential physical limitations with the Coordinator before signing up.