George L Smith State Park Paddle

I’m trying to plan monthly events that include paddling and camping for flat water or slow rivers…  so that everyone, at any skill level, can participate and enjoy.

I’d like to have 1 event each and every month.  Jan & Feb are covered with the Manatees paddle on Jan 13-16, 2011,  Feb 18 – 20, 2011 is the Benton Dykes paddle and camp…

O.K.  that leaves the rest of the year…  I want to know where YOU would like to paddle and camp with a BUNCH of your friends!

We just finished another Hawkinsville, Ocmulgee paddle and campout, and it’s a “Must Do” again.  Chuck (from Hawkinsville) was amazing, again,  making special arrangements for put ins, take outs, and shuttles.  I loved paddling in Baxley, on the “Mighty” Altamaha river.  The paddle in the cypress swamp @ George L Smith was incredible.  What else?

I really want some help here!  If there’s some place that YOU want to go…  or have been to…  please let me know.  email your ideas and suggestions to