Highlights from 2009 1st Quarter Georgia Environmental Action Network
Steering Committee Meeting
January 6, 2009

‧ GEAN includes the following participating organizations:
Altamaha Riverkeeper
Center for a Sustainable Coast
Coosa River Basin Initiative
Georgia Canoeing Association
Georgia Conservancy
Georgia Conservation Voters
Georgia Forest Watch
Georgia River Network
Mothers & Others for Clean Air
Ogeechee-Canoochee Riverkeeper
Savannah Riverkeeper
Soque River Watershed Association
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy
Satilla Riverkeeper
Sierra Club, Georgia Chapter
Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper

Georgia Canoeing Association and Soque River Watershed Association are in
the process of becoming participating organizations, and will officially be
member organizations once they have 50 members signed up in the system.

‧ The most successful GEAN alerts of 2008 were:
× Stop ATV drivers from Harming Private Property and Ruining our
Streams and Rivers

2009 1st Quarter Priorities (Legislative Priorities) and other Q1 alerts

Q1 Priorities:
× Accept No Rollbacks
<http://www.gavoters.com/2009PriorityAcceptNoRollbacks.htm> including
extending moratorium on aquifer storage and recovery, Targets: Legislators
× Fund Public Transit Choices
> , Targets: Legislators
× Water efficiency and conservation, Targets: Legislators
× Make Our Highways Safe and More Scenic
enice.htm> , Targets: Legislators
× Create a Climate Action Plan
> , Targets: Legislators

Other Potential Q1 Alerts
× Metro District Comments, Target: MNGWPD public comment email address
or MNGWPD members, Author: UCR
× WCIP – possible; To be discussed further.
× Construction Work in Progress (CWIP) legislation, Target:
× Stimulus Package to include green infrastructure, Target: state
legislators as well as possible alert targeting Congress.
× Coastal Marshland Protection Committee rulemaking, Target: Coastal
Marshland Protection Committee members
× Protect Jekyll Island Beaches from Development and Renew Coastal
Zone Protection
× Keep the Chattooga Wild & Scenic