December 13th

Hank and Sabrina Klausman will be hosting the GCA Christmas Party this year.. Their address is 874 Hyde Road, Marietta, 30068. The Board meeting will start at 4:30. Dinner will be from 5 to 7.

We are going to do an old-fashioned GCA covered dish dinner. We are dividing the alphabet and your dish will be determined by the first letter of your last name! The As to Hs are to bring a meat or entrĂ©e. Is to Rs will bring a vegetable or salad. Ss to Zs are to bring a dessert. We will have lots of food, so the dishes don’t have to be enormous. There will be soft drinks provided. Please bring beer, etc, if you like.

Thank you to Hank and Sabrina! Hank has been a member for too many years to count and this will give some of the new members a chance to meet some of the old timers. Sabrina was the reason that we created Ducky Day back in the 90’s! If we are lucky, Hank will have the videos of his big water river trips out west on the screen!

Do to computer hiccups this notice is not in the Eddyline- Please, Please let everyone know about the party!!