Planning a Flint River for the Spring whilst we still have water.  Putting in at Spruwell Bluff and paddling down to Pobiddy Road.  There will be an option for paddlers to take out at the outfitter on hwy 36 if they want a shorter trip or if they are not comfortable running Yellow Jacket shoals which is a class three rapid.  All other rapids on this river are very straight forward class I/II stuff. They are usually followed by pools that make recovery very easy.  This river is further south than most of the rivers paddled by the club so the water is not so cold. It is a great training run for those testing new skills, new boats or who just want a stress free day on the water. It can also be a kid friendly run. There are lots of good swimming holes, rope swings, sand bars and gravel bars and wildlife can frequently be seen from your boat.

      Yellow Jacket shoals is on the bottom half of the trip and is easisly avoided by taking out at the outfitter.  The remaining folks will then afix helmets and continue on downstream. Can i carry around Yellow Jacket? you ask.  Yellow Jacket is notorious in that area for eating boats but mostly at the place that Dan MacIntyre dubbed “the stinger”.  The river is wide and rocky and you will need to thread your way through the rocks. If you stay left you will encounter an eroded drop onto a curler. At the end of that pool the remainder of the river strikes from the right pushing you hard left.  If you chose the right side there are a couple of four foot drops towards the right bank. the river the comes back around into the above mentioned pool. Below are more drops but if you make this far you’ll be OK. 

      The top half, I am comfortable taking anyone in any equipment down that part of the river. The bottom half, I want experienced paddlers properly outfitted. Can you stop your boat in moving water?  Can you self rescue?  If you’d like to go and we paddle together regularly then just send me a text or email. If we have not paddled together before, give me a call to introduce yourself and tell me if you want to run just the first half or both halves.  678- 343-  5292

      The outfitter on hwy 36 has canoes and SOT kayaks for rent. I don’t know if he ‘ll rent boats for the lower half.  i wouldn’t.  They are good people to deal with. There is a parking fee at the state park where we put in and a parking fee at the outfitter. There is also a fee to use the outfitters boat ramp, This is money well spent. In season they will use a golf cart to pull your boat up to the top of the hill. Sweet.  I think ten bucks will cover all those fees and still you leave with soda money.

      Also I have promised Jennifer and Keith that we would return to the resturant across from the Outfitter in the evening to eat the all-you-can-eat fried catfish. Everyone is welcome to come along at the end of the day to dine on this classic southern fare. They have other stuff on the menu but who cares.