Mark your calendars, we have a Trained Beginner solo canoe and tandem canoe class available October 9-10.

Rosemary and I are already signed up. It’s her first clinic at this level and my second; I bet I’ll take in more this round than I was able to before. It’s a great opportunity to brush up on skills, and I encourage all OC boaters who can possibly benefit to join us.

Beginners and rising Trained Beginners, contact me to hear my rave reviews about GCA training. It’s the best value you’ll find and always a good group. Everything’s flexible, class sizes are small, and we can find a boat if you don’t have one.

Already Trained Beginners (you know who you are), let’s take it again! Here’s your annual chance to support your club while polishing your technique. Haynes Johnson told me he took Beginner and Trained Beginner three or four times each. There’s only so much you can teach yourself on trips, we all need formal instruction to continue advancing.

Everyone else, please spread the word to anyone who may be interested.
-Elliott Johnson

(No relation to Gina and Haynes)

The instructor will be Jim Albert. Contact him at
You will need to send in both of these forms:
GCA Membership Application
2010 Course Registration

For official training info, please contact:

Gina Johnson, GCA Training Chair