Question 1: Does anyone have a drysuit they really like or don’t like? I would like to hear your opinions on which brand and which fabric.

Question2: Does anyone have a preference between the women’s drop seat drysuit and the men’s relief zipper using a FUD? I have heard rumors that the drop seat is not comfortable.

Question 3: About sizing, I am at the top range of measurements on the size chart. Does anyone have an opinion on whether I should order the next size up to allow for layers (I get cold easily) or if I should order the size I fall in because it is already cut large?

 Basically, everyone I spoke with said go ahead and spend the extra money to get Gore-tex.  The other fabrics don’t hold up well and after just a few months they are spending time trying to patch and re-waterproof.  Also, problems with getting wet from sweat due to lack of breathability (regardless of what said fabric advertises).  Gore-tex fabric comes with a lifetime warranty.  Also, size wise, aim on the larger side.  It allows for some body expansion as well as plenty of layers. 

Relief zipper is great – everyone (even women) seem to like the front relief zipper. 

Consensus also indicates that booties are much preferred over ankle gaskets.  Makes sure feet are dry, also the gaskets can decrease circulation in the feet making them get cold more easily. 

 Kokatat is the brand preferred by people who answered my poll!  Hope the information is helpful!


Thanks to Lisa Haskell for this summary.