WARNING! Do not park at the bridge on HWY 166 when paddling the Dog River!

On Dec 29, 2015 we (Jay Davis, Courtney, and Geoff) had a long conversation with 2 Douglas County Sheriff Deputies and a Water and Sewer Official. We will be in touch with the water authority to determine what is allowed during Winter when the park is officially “closed”. If you park at the bridge, you may be charged with trespassing! (As we almost were!) Apparently, there have been a few run ins with kayakers recently at the reservoir, though, I had not heard of any problems until the water authority told me. (Paddlers, if there is interaction between you and law enforcement or land owners, please let us know so we don’t make the same mistake!)

Please do not post negative comments, we want to amicably resolve this issue and make sure kayakers have reasonable access.