Chili Run – Thanks for Participating and Attending

Edward, please post this on your GCA list. Anne, thanks again for your contribution and a special thanks to Woody and his assistant too.

This year the 23rd Annual Chili Run was dedicated to honor Jay and Carol Srynanski. Jay founded the event 23 years ago and many of us have enjoyed it throughout our paddling careers. The turnout this year was fantastic. Jay would have been very happy to see all of us on New Years day.

A large number of donations were accepted for Georgia Mountain Hospice. The chili was great. The weather was mild. The river had plenty of water for a low flow run from bridge from bridge.

Woody was present to provide shuttles from the new outfitter at the river, the Cartecay Watershed (Ellijay Outfitters). Thanks to Anne Faye, proprietor, for her involvement.

Thanks to Edward Stockman, the Georgia Canoe Association, and the Atlanta
Whitewater Club for getting the word out and participating. Thanks to Linda and Willy and Roy Srymanski and all of the other friends and folks at Mountain Outdoor Expeditions for all the hard work they put in to
making the event a success.

Diane and Mark Neisler