If there was a down side at all, it was that so many of us spent so much time in the starting eddy waiting on a turn to run the course. But this was a by-product of the huge turn-out for the race, and that’s a GOOD thing! I think if we’d had more timers and radios, we may have been able to speed things up a little and get more racers down the course more quickly, but I was not aware of exactly how the timing and scoring was running, so I could be all wet on that.

If Round Three — the Grand Finale — is run the same way it was last year, the points awarded per run will be doubled, so it will be doubly important that we have a good turnout for the Finale. The other
important factor for the final day is participation in the Southeastern U.S. Wildwater Championships, since last year extra Canoe Club Challenge points were awarded to club racers who participated in that race. We really need as many folks as are able to participate in the Wildwater Race the morning of the last round of the Challenge.

Let’s all put August 13 on our calendars and show up for the Southeasterns and the big finale. We really need to keep the momentum going and finish this thing up in true GCA fashion!

Again, thanks so much for everyone’s help in this great team effort!

Allen Hedden
July 2011