Broad River Trip,   


Level was 5.4 on the Carlton gage.   

Paddlers were Carl Kirkpatrick, Coy ? and Dickie Tillman.

We met at the Sandbar Outfitter which about 11:30 a.m.  It is below the the BRO take out about 1/4 mile.  We combined boats and drove to the Sandbar put in just above 1st ledge.   We made it back to the Sandbar Outfitter about 04:00 p.m.

I do not think I have been on the Broad at this level/high but it was not bad.   It was a little pushy in some places but not a real problem.   Even though I was somewhat apprehensive about the water level I could have handled it at a higher level.   The good news is that most rocks were covered and it was not rough on the boat as is normally the case with the broad.   It was a sunny cool nice day but very windy.   Often you would find yourself being blown out of and eddy or difficult to align or move your boat properly due to the wind.   We did not play too much due to the cool air and water temps.   Also Carl and Coy were not familiar with the Broad and they paddled conservatively.  

All the runs we ran in the normal manner/route.  Rooster tail was really kicking, the tail was at least 3-3.5 feet.   We ran slight right of the tail, caught the right eddy, ferried across and went down.   I look forward to doing it again at this level or even slightly higher

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