It was a beautiful, sunny, warm spring day with a very pleasant water level when 10 of us gathered at the Broad River put in and decided it might be nicer to be paddling than mowing the yard or doing spring cleaning around the house.    We did our best to surf every hole and wave we could find, although at one fairly deep looking hole I overheard one kayaker telling another, less experienced kayaker, “Do you know the name of this hole?”   “No.”   “Roll practice”.   For some reason I could not comprehend, both declined to surf there.      

Some of us could not pass up the opportunity during the trip to work on spring cleaning of the insides of our boats, and do that all important beginning of the season tests of our PFD’s.   All in all, everybody said (at least to my face) that they had a good time.  

Paddling kayaks were Ann Phillips, Randy Renick, Richard Falenfriend, and Bonnie Semora. 
Canoes were Fred Henneike, Doug Ackerman, David Soltis, Dennis Colditz, Leif Hauge and trip coordinator, Jeff Engel.  

Swimmers names are being withheld to protect the guility, the innocent, and those that stayed in there boats and laughed at the previous group and shouting dibbs on the equipment.

River level was 4.6′ / 1030 CFS

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