Alabama “Smooth Water” Adventure

you think South Alabama is just a 100 miles of flat, boring country
between Atlanta and the Florida beaches, think again! From Eufaula to
Dothan, high, rolling ridges spread westward from the Chattahoochee
River with creeks and streamlets that cut deep ravines filled with
miles of cascading water. Sheer walls are covered by fern falls and
flowering trees and plants.

Late April is the perfect time to
catch the Appalachian spring as it heads north. On Saturday, we will
paddle on Abbie Creek, a 14 mile trip, 12 miles north of Columbia,
Alabama. A pleasant gradient provides a lively current, and there
will be twists, turns, small drops, and maybe a few dead falls. There
will also be interesting rock formations and a number of rare and
endangered plants. Sunday’s trip will be on nearby Omussee Creek,
right outside Columbia. Watch for lots of small waterfalls and one,
easy “rapid”. Other points of interest are the relics of a
pre-civil war cotton factory and the remains of a 1920s vintage power
dam. We take out at a boat landing on the “lower-lower”

We will camp at Kolomokee State Park, six miles north
of Blakely, Georgia, off US 27. This park features seven Indian
mounds, with a temple mound that is one of the largest in the United
States. Camping, with full facilities, is $12.00 per night.

25 & 26, 1998