January 1st, 10:00am
Location: Mountaintown Outdoor Expeditions 
The 23rd Annual Chili Run is set to go for the Cartecay this year despite the passing of Jay recently. Mark Nessler and Edward Stockman (among others) are working together to pull this off. This is one of the great winter gatherings that brings paddlers from all over to freeze their pa**les off each year to celebrate the new year.
This is a class II+ run and I can’t think of a better way to start the new year then show up and paddle with a bunch of good friends. As I understand it the Cartecay Watershed is also joining forces to make this one of the best years ever.

Anyone is welcome to come but due to it being January 1st please make sure you have a proper boat and cold weather gear. Don’t want anyone being hiked off the river due to hypothermia. 
For more information such as a map please see the event on the calendar.