Everyone does it. We all look at our canoe and kayaking friends at the river put in and evaluate the strength of the group. Our analysis is always private, but we do it. We spot the weak paddlers, good paddlers, nurses, doctors, EMTs, canoe and kayak instructors, and other people that will step up to help if things go bad. Be the person that people are glad to see on the trip.   

We will be holding a two-day (16hr.) course on Wilderness First Aid (WFA).

The course is recommended for anyone who takes adventure trips into the back country, where there is a chance that you will be responsible for extended off the road medical care.  After the course you will be able to:
1) Select the appropriate procedures to be employed when rendering emergency care to the sick and injured as a WFA provider;
2) Understand the roles and and responsibilities and scope of practice for WFA in an outdoor/wilderness setting.

The course will be taught by Russ Miller, head of Wilderness Safety Consultants,  Delano, TN.   WFA certifications will be issued to all participants which are good for 3 years. ( www.wsc2.com)

The cost of the class is:

  • WFA + CPR Class – $165.00 (USD)
  • WFA Class – $130.00 (USD)

Date:  April 9 &10, 2011
Place: 1847 South Cobb Industrial Blvd.,  Smyrna, GA (Art Plumbing)

The class is being sponsored by the GCA and Atlanta Whitewater Club

Call George Hedrick 404-210-1067 or abbeysroadhome@bellsouth.net to register.

Space is limited!