Laura Dillion must have missed the “eventually” part of that last sentence. She took off with determination to make it happen immediately. Her persistency is contagious, and she drew JD Grogan, John Sanker, Jeff Sorocco, Laura Clement, Joe Gudger, Greg Garrard, Christine Blumburg, and Adam Turner into her vision for TRR-Atlanta. She found a pool at North Georgia College to start TRR roll practice, then started putting together a team of GCA and non-GCA members to make this happen.


It is a small chapter at the moment, but has already put some of our wounded veterans in kayaks on the water. More vets will follow as the weather warms and TRR Atlanta will grow. GCA and our members already has plans to continue supporting this effort.

What you did last Summer will echo on the river for years to come.

William Gatling
March 2013