Join the Okefenokee Protection Alliance (OPA) on Wednesday, October 20 from 7 PM – 8 PM for a free virtual screening of the short film, Sacred Waters: The Okefenokee in Peril. To register, follow the link below:

Sacred Waters:  The Okefenokee in Peril

“Sacred Waters”, presented by OPA with the generous support of the National Parks Conservation Association, takes viewers into the heart of the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, showcasing its mystical natural beauty, cultural importance, and incredible ecological value. But, as the title of the film sets forth, the sacred waters of the Okefenokee are in peril. The threat of a proposed mineral mine near the edge of the Okefenokee looms large, putting the natural integrity of the Swamp at risk. As “Sacred Waters” brings us deeper into the Okefenokee, we understand how great this threat truly is.

Register today to virtually view the premiere of Sacred Waters and listen to Okefenokee advocates discuss the state of the Swamp and mining proposal.


Experts say mining operations will likely impact regional hydrology and release toxic contaminants into nearby surface and groundwater, potentially killing threatened and endangered wildlife and destroying important habitat. We know that even allowing the first phase of the proposed mine to destroy wetlands near the Okefenokee would be devastating to the ecological health of this iconic natural treasure.

The good news is Twin Pines needs five state permits from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division to move forward with its strip mine and EPD decisionmakers are taking the time to hear from you on how they should act.

Tell them they must deny the permits that would allow this destructive project to jeopardize one of our continent’s best assets and the communities and businesses that depend on it.

Thank you,
Bill Sapp
SELC Senior Attorney and Chair of the Okefenokee Protection Alliance