Saturday, February 20, felt like a spring day with forecast highs in the upper 60’s. The pleasant weather brought a crowd of twelve canoe and kayak paddlers to the Upper Chattahoooch for a day on the river. The paddlers were: Jay Davis, Steve Cramer, John Holley, Terry Irrgang, Brian Herbert, Billy Etheredge, Joseph Roberts, Doug Hoffman, Kelly Harbac, Robert Butera, Todd McGinnis, and me. Steve Cramer and I were in canoes, John Holley paddled a C1, and the others paddled a variety of kayaks.

We met at the GA 115 put-in at 10:30 AM. As we unloaded our canoes and kayaks and dressed for the river, several members debated whether to wear a dry suit or lighter weight clothing. Most opted for dry wear because the water temperature was cold.

Shuttle was set, GCA waivers signed and we set off down stream about 11: 45 AM. The water level was about 2.7 on the Leif gage and about 1250 cfs on the Cornelia gage. The water quality was as clear as the sky above.

There were several opportunities to play in the waves. We stopped at Buck Shoals for lunch and surfing. Everyone had fun and stayed in their boats. The air was warm, but the water was cold.

We completed the four mile reach about 4:00 PM. We took off at Wildwood Outfitter with the temperature near 70 degrees. Everyone agreed that we had a great day on the river and that we all look forward to spring and the upcoming paddling season.

That warm day seems like a dream now as February reminds us that winter is not yet done in Georgia.