thing things came together on this Upper Chattahoochee trip to make
it a great day.

This was the first Saturday after the Spring
Gala, so people that couldn’t make it to the North Carolina were
having paddling withdrawals and needed to get their canoes and kayaks

several bad guesses for the weather forecast, the weatherman finally
decide that it would not rain. Thirty minutes before the meeting time
of 10:30, the put in at Highway 115 was full of canoes and kayaks with more and
people still arriving.

The river level was 2.19′ or 411 CFS
on the Leaf river gauge and 1.42′ or 727 CFS on the Cornielia Gauge.
Recent rains have spoiled me and made this river level seem a little
low, but still nice.

Several last minute cancellations which
kept the group down to a total of 15 paddlers; 12 kayaks and 3
canoes. As we ran shuttle the temperature was nearing 70 and
overcast. During the day, the clouds burned off to a clear sky in the

This was the first trip on the Upper Chattahoochee River,
for Fran Cullen, Sandy Snyder, and Keith Raker.

In the middle
of “Canoe Eatter” rapid, Barbara Barrett had a swim and was
trying to self rescue with her Liquid Logic kayak, but the last drop
was approaching fast. This drop was going to hurt. Terry Irrgang
assisted by using his Remix kayak to push Barbara and her kayak into
an Eddy with a few feet to spare. From the view from below the rapid
this was a very nicely executed rescue!

Lunch was at Buck
Shoals State Park beach. We spent a long time there with lots of
surfing and kayak rolling. Barbara Barrett and Tom Keller tried
paddling canoes.

At “First Ledge” Peter Fiztpatrick
was suddenly attacked by several rocks that popped up out of nowhere
in the middle of his line. He was able to self rescue to the shore
along with his kayak.

“Third Ledge” and “Horseshoe”
were paddled successfully by everyone.

We almost lost several
paddlers at the last set of shoals. There was a large party at the
cabin on river right with hamburgers and beer. Plans for a raid on
their cooler and grill never really came together.

Canoes were:
Snyder, Mark Holmburg, William Gatling.

Paddling Kayaks
Jay Davis, Terry Irrgang, Peter Fitzpatrick, Randy Renick,
Keith Raker, Peter Elkon, John Watson, Tom Keller, Ann Phillips, Fran
Cullen, Cynthia “Darth” Holmburg, Barbara Barrett.

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William Gatling
May 22, 2010