had balmy, sunny weather and just enough warm, clear water (1.64
upstream of Hwy. 115) on the Upper Chattahoochee to ensure a perfect
trip, which we had! Paddling were Christy and Darryl Camp, Jennifer
and Joseph Sledge, and Matt and Robert Osborne in kayaks; John Lucas,
Ken and Mary Sledge, and Randy Corder in solo open canoes; and Jim
and John Watson and Hunter Oates and I tandem open canoe. Hunter is
a Troop 16 boy scout who was successfully completing his white water
merit badge.

we saw longtime club members Polly Heyward, Nancy “Ocoee”
Barker, and Tim and Jane Kelly with their two children enjoying this
great day. I am always amazed at how unscathed Polly’s 25 year-old
Aluminum Grumman looks after hundreds of white water trips! She
promised to bring it on my next antique-boat-only trip on the
Chattooga Section III.

remember few swims, other than the many intentional ones, most
notably at Horseshoe Shoals, where we body-surfed and built a
colossal dam for an hour and a half. We also enjoyed frequent boat
surfing stops and cool showers in the falls on river left just past
the Soquee confluence. All the adults fulfilled their pledges to act
like kids and joined in the frolicking. Thanks to all for a safe,
fun trip.

by Roger
Saturday, August 23, 1997

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