was a gorgeous blue-skied spring day with the morning lows in the
50’s with the Atlanta forecast of afternoon highs in the 70’s. (I’m a meteorologist in
training.) Along with perfect weather, my paddling companions on
the Upper Amicalola on Saturday, April 27, were some of the nicest
people I’ve met in GCA. Of course rumor has it that everyone in GCA
is nice. (Is this true?)

this was my first trip as a leader with GCA, I was a bit nervous.
Luckily there were many different levels of expertise on the trip.
John McCorvey (Solo Canoe) assisted me by leading one group, while
Jason Schnurr (Solo Canoe) helped me out with safety. Our
entertainment for the day was provided by Scott McCorvey (Kayak) and
Adam Fike (Kayak) who hand rolled over and over again and found every
possible hole and wave to play in. The word for the day was “woooo”
(not “weeee”), which is a high pitched yell that you
scream when you surf a fun wave or catch a difficult eddy.

river is filled with enough sweet rapids, holes, and waves for
everyone to find something to play in. We really enjoyed the last
feisty little hole where several paddlers became one with the water.
We won’t mention the name of a certain safety person who was trying
out his new Rampage. Or a new friend, John… oops, who left his face
imprint on a rock at the bottom of that grabby hole.

never-ending energy and hormones, Scott and Adam decided to continue
down river to Edge of the World, which they had paddled the week
before at much higher water. They patiently waited for an audience,
but we were too slow (sorry guys!).

of us checked out the trillium, dwarfed irises, dogwoods and violets
in bloom along the river bank. Others checked out the local BBQ at
The Pit Stop. Just beware of those mystery corn muffins. Hmmmm.

delightful group of paddlers included the above plus Carol McCorvey,
Marci Creath, Ken Probst, Karen Brown, Roxanne Lankford, John Ariel,
Lee Tilman, and myself in kayaks, with Lyn Bergin, Bill Dillan, Jan
Bragg, Mike Timma, and Dickie Tilman in solo canoes, and Cathy
Gallant and Bart Keith in tandem canoe. All in all it was a perfect
day with the nicest group of people and the best trip… leader (did
she really say that?). Thanks to everyone for making this a great

trip from the “6 mile” put in to the 53 bridge took us
about six hours with a stop at the five foot ledge for lunch. There
were lots of trees down across the river, with one that we had to
pull boats across. Carol experienced that one very closely.

out for lots of strainers if you paddle at high water. There is also
a rock, now known as Inge’s Rock, in the first set of shoals that
claims a paddler or two. The level of the Amicalola on this day was
.9 feet, which was a good level for a trained beginner trip.

Becca Brown
From The Eddy Line, July 1997