Martin, coordinator and sweep in a OC-1 canoe, Alan Reaid paddling a
K-1 kayak and Jason Burrell in a kayak, co-leaders, and Marion Webb
paddling a canoe holding us together.

gauge under the Highway 53 bridge read 0.48, low but Alan had run it
at 0.2, so we decided to go for it. Alan had run this river so many
times that he knew the name of every rock in every rapid. At this
level, the rest of us were introduced to many of them. Marion
started out with a keel on his Coleman (part of which stayed behind),
but he generally found the line through these scrapy but less pushy
than normal class 2s.

drizzled most of the day with the usual mist and fog that gives the
rivers a special charm. Floating under a large tree with lots of
horizontal climbing branches, I imagined a boy with overalls sitting
over the river eating a peach, bare feet dangling over the water.
Could that be me?… I’ll do this again. Thanks for the trip folks!

November 29, 1997.
By Tom Martin