total of 10 paddlers met at the Highway 53 bridge on a cold and
cloudy November morning. The gauge read 0.56, a surprisingly low
reading considering it had rained earlier in the week. But the
Amicalola is frequently pretty low. A couple of people in our group
said they had run it even lower, so we all headed for the six-mile

unloading our boats and starting to run shuttle, two of our party,
Haynes and Gina Johnson, said they had decided to go mountain biking
instead, due to the low water. But they offered to run shuttle for
us, which we gladly accepted.

participants were Tony Colquitt, Alan Reaid, Jason Burrell, and Jack
Shoaff in K1 Kayaks. Also Denise Colquitt, David Warner, Steve
Ryder, and Brannen Proctor in OC1 Canoes.

were swims by a couple of people, including yours truly. But almost
everyone had good runs; all successfully navigated the falls. It was
a full day on the river, and we arrived at the surfing hole above the
take-out just before 5 o’clock. A few of us tentatively tried our
luck there, and at the low water level it wasn’t very grabby.

loading our boats, some of us just couldn’t say good-bye, and so we
set off to the Two Brothers Barbecue in Ball Ground for dinner. I
had never been there before, but I’m going back. It’s my kind of
place; the sawdust on the floor gives it atmosphere.

paddle down the Upper Amicalola is always a pleasant experience.
It’s a beautiful mountain stream. There are no houses, and the only
sign of civilization is the bridge at Devil’s Elbow. This trip was
made even better by a great group and barbecue to finish it off.

Brannen Proctor

15, 1997.