Our trip schedule is one of the most prized aspects of the GCA. Sometimes “Thank you” just is not sufficient to express our gratitude to our Trip Coordinators.

Coordinators who hold six or more club trips will also receive something more than just a “Thank you”.
The rules are pretty simple:
1) Trips must be posted in The Eddy Line or on the website with at least five days notice.
2) The trip must actually be held.
3) As with all GCA trips, there must be a waiver signed and safety meeting before the trip.
3) If the trip was posted, but an alternate Trip Coordinator had to step in, the alternate will receive credit.

Exact details are still being ironed out with respect to the awards, but a budget has been approved to fund this program.

William Gatling
GCA Cruisemaster


As of September 14 we have had a good year. These are some of the top coordinators for the year to date:

Buddy Goolsby 5

Brannen Proctor 8

Dan MacIntyre 3

Dick Hurd 4

Gina Johnson 5

Jack Taylor 7

John Sampson 3

Karen Saunders 4

Lamar Phillips 6

Lisa Haskell 5

Mark Holmberg 6

Marie Short 8

Paul Smith 5

Ricky Bowman 4

Roger Nott 3

Vincent Payne 6

William Gatling 6