While we all have a lot to be thankful for this year, these people have helped make 2009 a little bit wetter:

Brannen Proctor, Roger Nott, Mark Holmberg, Vincent Payne, Jack Taylor, William Gatling, Lamar Phillips, Connie Venuso, Duncan Cottrell, Edward Stockman, Allen Hedden, Bob Brannen, Dan MacIntyre, Tom Bishop, Debbie Dargis, Howard Rogers, Jay Manalo, Jeff Engel, Mary Mills, Steve Reach, Christine Blumberg, Dane White, David Vezetti, Dickie Tillman, Gina Johnson, Haynes Johnson, Janet Chisholm, Jay Davis, Joan Steed, John Holley, Karen Saunders, Kelly Harbac, Lisa Haskell, Mark Albitz, Mark Nessler, Marshall Busko, Marvine Cole, Matthew Crawford, Mike Winchester, Paul Pichanusakorn, Pauline Thynne, Peter Elkon, Robert Harris, Todd McGinnis.

These people coordinated GCA a total of 112 trips which works out to approximately 800 river miles.
Trip Coordinators 2009