trip was postponed from Saturday because of low water and low
registration. On Memorial Day we had adequate water and more
laborers. They were Jack Wissner in a kayak and Jason Schnurr,
Dickie Tillman, and I in solo open canoes.

met at the Copper Mines, where we worked for an hour and a half on
the river clean up and, collected about 16 large bags of trash and
also recruited the help of a few cavers. We then paddled from Town
Creek Road back to the mines and filled about 10 more large bags.
GCA life member Bill Hanson and Ben LaChance hauled our booty to the

enjoyed a mild, sunny day and Tesnatee Creek at its most beautiful.
The mountain laurel on the Tesnatee is the most lush, colorful, and
profuse of any I have seen and was at its height this day. We
enjoyed it and the creek’s outstanding scenery all the more because
of our leisurely pace, which was necessitated by our mission. Dickie
got photos of Jason kayaking the 16 to 18 foot Tesnatee Falls and of
my less that stellar one which finished backwards, though upright.
We lunched below the falls, where there is a giant eddy when the
river is flooding and where we could have collected trash all day.

worked hard but also had a lot of fun. We paddled up to the class VI
Grindle Shoals at the Chestatee confluence and enjoyed their
spectacular beauty and cool (intentional) swims in the clear waters
of the Upper Chestatee River. We also enjoyed fine runs of the class
III Copper Mine Rapid and surfing in its holes. At the take-out, we
were greeted by the traditional cooler of drinks and the heartening
knowledge that it will be a whole year before we will have to do this

GCA wants you to commit to helping clean at least one river, one day
a year! If only half of our GCA members did this, it would
wonderfully beautify the rivers we love. Though tiring, clean-ups
for most folks are great fun and rewarding. Thanks Jack, Jason,
Dickie, Bill and Ben; and thanks to you if you have already cleaned
or plan to help clean a stream this year.

By Roger
Monday, May 26, 1997