Tallulah Falls dam releases and kayak runs will be held this fall on
the following dates: November 7-8, 14-15, 21-22. Approximately thirty
volunteers are needed each weekend. Volunteers are the only people
allowed in the put-in area beside boaters and park rangers. If you are a
boater or a volunteer and want someone else to be able to go to the
put-in, please have them volunteer. Shifts are 8 am-noon and 11:00
am-3:00 pm. An orientation and travel to the volunteer sites are
included in the first hour. There is also a 3:00 pm-4:30 pm shift for
one or two people. We would like to identify at least three sweep
boaters who will be the last boaters on the river.

are scheduled down to the gorge in the mornings and afternoon. If you
want to go on one of the hikes, sign up for the one when you are not

about the dam releases and kayak runs can be found at
. Volunteers can also sign up online at the website. Since the
website name is not easy to remember, please bookmark it in your

more information, please contact Bob Focht at 404-323-8181 or