Our South Georgia GCA Trips April 22-26 are still open and will be as follows:

Wed.-Friday April 22-24: Okefenokee Swamp overnight Trip #8 (Stephen
Foster-Floyds’ Is.-Canal Run-Stephen Foster SP). We will meet at 9-9:15
at the landing at Stephen Foster SP. You do not have to pay the
entrance fee, as there is a $20 fee for this trip). We have 4 confirmed
in 3 boats and can have up to 20 in 10 boats. If you want to join us at
the last moment, it is possible. Call me.

Sat. Apr. 25: Little River day trip: Meet at Reid Bingham State Park
($3 entry fee) just west of Adel, GA, at 9 a.m. at boat ramp. If
possible, call if you are coming. I will be in the swamp and unable to
be reached Wed. 9 am to Friday 3 p.m., but you can leave me a message
on my voicemail.

Sunday, April 26 – Spring Creek day trip in the SW corner of GA, north
of Bainbridge. Exact meeting time/place TBD. Call me. I will be camping
at Reid Bingham State Park Fri. and Sat. nights and have room for two
more tents and 5 people at my site.

These are fantastic flatwater trips. (See the Welander/Otey/

books for details.) They are easy but do require some experience, esp.
in that the water levels are high (but not in flood) and there could be
some wood to avoid.

Roger Nott, Trip coordinator 678-316-4935