activity at the first sign of symptoms, they might avoid more
trouble down the road. You know, an ounce of prevention is worth a
pound of cure! Also, they don’t want to hear how long they need to
rest, but in fact healing may take 6 weeks or longer. That’s a long
time off the tennis court or out of your boat.

do you know if you have this problem? The pain is strictly limited
to the boney prominence on the outer aspect of your elbow, and may
extend downward from the elbow for up to one inch. The pain is made
worse by forcefully clenching your fist in a palm down position, but
may not hurt at all if clenching the fist in a palm up position. So,
if this describes you, all you have to

is stop gripping, especially palm down, until the problem goes away.
Shaking hands, opening doors and jars, and many, many other
activities will be enough to keep this going. In severe instances,
you almost have to become one handed.

have had this problem myself, not from paddling but from yard work,
and I have tried ALL of the remedies except cortisone shots and
surgery, and with time, I am free of symptoms. So, be patient.
Also, there can be other causes of lateral elbow pain, so if it
persists, go see an Orthopedic surgeon for an evaluation.

Note: This article is for information only, and is not intended as
definitive medical advice.

By Dick Hurd, MD
July 1, 2010