I had a really good time coordinating a Middle Ocoee for the Club today. We had 8 kayakers, Jill Hebden, Jesse Hebden, Jay Davis, Kate Wilkerson, Mark Holmberg, Bill Lacik, Aron Wehr & me. The weather was beautiful, especially considering that we’re only 2 weeks from November.


I don’t get the opportunity to paddle with most of this group very often, man, these guys ROCK!! We played the entire river from Staging Eddy to Hell’s Hole. Everyone played hard, we didn’t miss a ferry, surf wave or eddy. We barely got off of the river before the water stopped.


Thanks to all that joined us and we’re doing another trip tomorrow (Sunday), meeting at the Middle put in @


Having such a turnout makes me want to do more of these, rain permitting, we’ll do a Chattooga Section 4 trip soon.


Mike Winchester
October 15, 2011