Q:What is the difference between “trained beginner” and “beginner” river trips.
A: Trained beginner rivers will require you to be able to catch relatively large eddies, so that we can keep the trip together. Nobody wants to play “chase the out of control guy down the river”, or put him back in his boat again after every rapid. On “beginner” trips the water moves slow enough that the group can stay together just by the paddling pace.

Q: What is a strainer?
A: Usually a strainer is a tree that is down in the river. Water can pass through, but canoes, kayaks, and people get stuck. The force of moving water can push you under and trap you there. Trees look like a good place to rescue yourself from a swim, but they are deadly. What you don’t know can kill you!

Q: How long will it take to paddle a river?
A: On flat water, a nice causal rate in a canoe is around 2 MPH. Don’t use any of that math stuff to figure out how far you can paddle in a day! It just never seems to work like that. Most people want out before 10 miles on moving water. Before you leave your shuttle car 20 miles away, try a 5-8 mile trip.