had 11 boats and 11 paddlers for this trip. Water level was1.7, we
put in at DNR, had lunch at the outfitters (CRX) and took out at the
city park in Ellijay. This is an ideal section for trained beginners
who wish to hone their skills. Any rapids are class I, except for
the very last one, which is a class II.

For eight of the
group, this was their first time on this section of the Cartecay, and
for two it was their first trip with the GCA. Participants were:
Lamar Phillips, Jeremy and Samantha Thompson, Buddy Goolsby, Jean
Brown, Theresa Neill, Carol Reiser, Leif Hauge, Bill and Charyl
Norris, and myself.

Dick Hurd
August 22, 2010

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