The Georgia Canoeing Association is proud to announce that is will be offering a Long Boat Clinic. The instructor will be Chris Hipgrave from the Nantahala Outdoor Center. This clinic will be limited to current GCA members and is free of charge.
This clinic will be held on the Nantahala River as part of the GCA’s Spring Extravanza on May 14th. As such, the participants should be comfortable in a river environment such as the Nantahala River. This will include. The water temperature will be cold so appropriate clothing must be worn.
Requirements for this class:
• Current membership in the Georgia Canoeing Association
• Having the skills to navigate class 2 continuous whitewater, catch eddies and perform other maneuvers as require
• Proper clothing for a cold water environment as the Nantahala is typically 42-48 degrees year round and many parts do not receive direct sunlight
• A decked whitewater kayak that is at least 10 feet long. If you do not own or can borrow one, demos can be provided with enough notice
The participants of this clinic will be required to fill out a questionnaire before being put in the class. They will also need to sign the NOC waiver before the class.
As a final note, you will probably want to bring a snack that you can pack in your boat as we will be working hard and the river is cold.
Final details to the class participants will be sent out via email to those who register by filling out the questionnaire.

Link to questionnaire: