arrived anticipating the 4.5′ water level the 800 number for the
gauge promised. WRONG — the gauge was stuck. We had 3.0′, which
provides plenty of fun on the Locust Fork.

had good runs through Double Trouble, Bullard Shoals and Powell
Falls. We enjoyed the crash and burn clinic put on by the group of
OC-1s running behind us.

panoramic view from Swann Covered Bridge up stream to the 100′ bluffs
is one of the best on this scenic river. We hiked to Big Skirum
Creek Falls. Were those really Alabama trout spawning to the falls?

included OC-1 canoe paddlers Jason Schnurr and Charles Clark.
Paddling kayaks were Dave Chaney, Knox Worde, Phil & Sandra
Serrano, Tom & Sandy Synder, David Holcomb, Ray Channell, Mark
Albitz and myself.

8, 1996. The Mulberry Fork was running at 2.0′ on this chilly
morning. One paddler arrived at the put-in with a wet suit that
stood by itself (it’s hard to dry wet clothes in 28 degree weather).
The Mulberry Fork is more forgiving, but has some great play spots.
You can surf Hawaii-Five-O all day long.

kayaks made this trip, Ray Channell, Phil & Sandra Serrano, Tom &
Sandy Synder and myself. We all had a great time.

Dane White
December 7, 1996