Are you tired of visiting the GCA website to see when trips are?
Are you one of those people who cannot survive without your online/mobile calendar?
Do you already use
Google Calendar

If so, this may be of interest to you. The GCA website uses an embedded Google Calendar to schedule for all trips and club events. For those of you who use Google calendar (via the web or a mobile device), you can subscribe to it. The name is “Georgia Canoeing Association.” The info on the calendar includes the name and phone # of the trip coordinator. Whenever William adds an event to the calendar, you will automagically see it on your calendar.

I’ll spare the technical instructions since if you already subscribe to other calendars, you know how to do it. And if you don’t, you probably just visit the website anyway 🙂

The easiest way is to
1) visit the GCA calendar page at
2) Scroll down to the calendar
3) Click on that “+Google Calendar” icon at the lower right of the calendar

If you already have an account with them, it will add this calendar to your calendar subscriptions.

Kudos to Matthew Crawford for setting this up!

And of course, those old fashioned paper calendars work perfectly fine, but then you have to keep on checking the website for updates ….

Robert Butera, PhD, PE