Conservation at the Click of a Button –

The Georgia Environmental Action Network (GEAN) is the voice with which the environmental community in Georgia speaks to the Georgia General Assembly and other state level decision makers that impact Georgia’s environment. GCA is a voting Member of the GEAN Steering Committee. As such, we have a seat at the table where the positions that GEAN takes are determined. That enables us to make sure that the concerns and desires of paddlers are part of the concerns and desires expressed by the entire environmental community.

GEAN makes it very easy for each of us individually to communicate with our state leaders in an effective and timely manner. The GEAN Steering Committee meets periodically and communicates often to determine what issues to take positions on and exactly what the position should be. GEAN then sends an email to everyone who is signed up to receive such emails. That email will contain background information on the issue, a draft of a letter that you can edit as you deem appropriate and a mechanism for transmitting your message to the most appropriate persons. When you sign up to receive emails from the Georgia Environmental Action Network, you’re helping make sure the environment we enjoy now is the same one your children and grandchildren will get to experience. Breathing clean air, exploring the outdoors, paddling in a healthy river, and keeping on a nightlight without adding pollution should all be part of growing up in our state.

If you have not signed up to receive these critical GEAN email alerts, please consider doing so today. Let your elected officials know that you support common sense solutions to the challenges facing Georgia’s natural resources. Simply respond to a handful of environmental alerts per year by personalizing and forwarding a preaddressed message to Georgia decision-makers. GEAN will deliver your letter to the right people – all you have to do is click a button. Visit to sign up and help us create a better future.

When you sign up, please take a few seconds to indicate in the appropriate section of the application that you are part of GCA. The more GCA members we have signed up, the more clout we have and the more we can impact GEAN policy to reflect the interest of paddlers.

Dan MacIntyre

From The Eddy Line, March/April 2010