GCA has had 5 roll practices going thru this Spring, and we’ll continue Stone Mountain thru the summer. Below are links to the details, and what you need to get started.
We typically have multiple locations over the winter months and lots of helpful people to help you get that roll down.

Continuing Roll Practices:

Stone Mountain Roll Practice – Wednesdays 7-9pm weekly thru April 13, then monthly thru summer!
2nd Wednesday Summer Dates: May 11, June 8, July 13, August 10, September 14.

Already finished:

East Cobb Roll Practice – Thursdays 8:30-10pm thru March 31
RSVP required thru an event on the GCA Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/georgiacanoe/

Decatur Roll Practice – Mondays 7-9pm thru March 28
Endless River Adventures will be there on March 7th to help with your roll and a few demo boats.
NOC coming on March 14 with demo boats and roll help.

Peachtree City Roll Practice – Every other Sunday evening 5-7pm – March 6 and Mar 20.
NOC will bring demo boats on March 6.

Macon Roll Practice – Wednesdays 5-7pm thru March 23

Fees for GCA Roll Practices are based on your memberships (or lack of) in the Georgia Canoe Association and American Canoe Association. The ACA membership (one time or full membership) covers the insurance for the event.
Please make sure to pay when you come in so that the coordinator doesn’t have to cover you. Fees are as follows:
GCA member and ACA member : $ 6 + $0 = $ 6
GCA member only : $ 6 + $5 = $11
ACA member only (rare) : $10 + $0 = $10
Neither $10 + $5 = $15

You can join GCA in advance at https://www.gapaddle.com.

ACA membership is available at https://aca.site-ym.com/general/register_member_type.asp?. GCA is a Paddle America Club with ACA, and as a GCA member, you can join ACA at the discounted PAC rate. Please select Georgia Canoeing Association as your Paddle America Club when joining ACA.

Except for East Cobb, no RSVP is required for roll practices. Please arrive EARLY to take care of paperwork and roll practice fees. Exact change is appreciated.
Please be sure that your boat is clean and free of debris when you arrive.

Just starting out?
The C-to-C roll is the easiest to understand. Here’s one of the best videos of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dguv1CdEJXQ
Other rolls are shown at: http://www.exchile.com/KayakSchoolRollIdentifier.htm