NOC Canoe Club Challenge, Round 1
Looking to mix up your usual paddling routine? We’ll have a challenging, but “first‐timer friendly” slalom course  set up between the bridges, and we’ll be timing boaters’ runs through the course from 3pm to 6pm on each day of the event. The races are open to anyone and everyone, but there will also be a special trophy awarded to the canoe club with the most points at the end of the event series.


Paddlers can make as many runs through the course as they’d like, only their best time will count. Also, there are no penalties for hitting a gate, but paddlers must go through each gate in the correct order for their run to count in the final scoring. Each completed run earns points toward the trophy. Each club will be timing their participants runs from the old steel bridge.

Note that you don’t need to belong to a paddling club to participate. Boaters can “team up” with clubs at the event, Many teams are eager to recruit more paddlers for the day (thereby boosting their run tally).

Also, you don’t have to attend multiple events to get points and prizes. NOC will award individual class prizes on an event‐ by‐event basis, and your runs will count to your club’s (or adopted club’s) point total after the three events. Finally, note that the Canoe Club Challenge is more about having “big boomin’ fun,” meeting other boaters and learning how to improve your paddling skills with gates than winning time trials. Come prepared to have good time on the water with friendly paddlers.

Warm Up:
Paddlers are welcome to practice on the course all day leading up to the event, and at 2:30 pm 1996 Canoe/Kayak Olympian
Wayne Dickert will be on hand for a demo run of the course and to give out advice, tips and encouragement to paddlers.

Awards will be at Slow Joe’s Cafe at 7 pm. NOC will have prizes such as free gear or gift cards to the participants with the best time, most runs, etc.

The event will end around 6pm, giving paddlers plenty  of time to change, eat and relax before the awards ceremony at 7 pm and free live music starting at The Pourover at 8:30.