The Flint River Outdoor Center on Hwy 36 near Thomaston no longer allows parking on his property (at any price) unless you are using his shuttle. We offered to pay to park like we have for years but were told “No”. The shuttle is $20 per person one way to Sprewell bluff (about six miles) and $28 to Goat mountain a bit further upstream. This precludes taking out at the outfitter when you set your own shuttle.

There is an option to park on the right of way across the river but parking is very limited there.  Fortunately I had a small group on the GCA trip yesterday (4) and this was workable for us. You would need to be very creative in your shuttle to move a group of twenty (like the last time I led this GCA trip).

Later the shuttle driver told us that people were picking up paddlers and not paying for parking so they decided that only people that use their  shuttle service can park on their property. While I am annoyed that Jim McDaniel has chosen this way to manage the problem I want to encourage paddlers to pay the parking fees at the places we use so they remain accessible to us.

BTW: It is $5 to park at Sprewell Bluff State Park, even just to load or unload your canoes and kayaks. The ticket for failure to buy a parking pass is considerably more according to the ranger who checked all our vehicles.