Events > 2021 > September > Pigeon - Class 2-3+ (Ocoee Lite Progression Trip #2) / Saturday, September 4th
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About this event:

Created by Terri Abbott

Trip Coordinator – Matt Henry

This is part 2 of the Ocoee Lite Progression Trips.  This trip will be on the Pigeon River near Hartford, TN.  The Pigeon is a class 2/3+ river that features fast currents, big wave trains, some great surfing waves and eddies.  There are 5 class 3/3+ rapids in the 5 mile length of the river (Powerhouse,  Roller Coaster,  Lost Guide,  Double Reactionary and Accelerator.)  The current is not as fast as the Ocoee, but might be faster than the Nantahala.  A good gauge is how comfortable you are eddy hopping above Nantahala Falls.  The very first move you’ll need to perform is either a ferry in class 3+ current, or paddle down a class 3+ wavetrain.  This is right out of the put-in so get ready for action right out of the gate!  This river is generally considered to be 1-2 steps below the Ocoee in difficulty and also the number of rafts to dodge.  Prerequisites for this trip are successful participation in Trip #1 (or other class 3/3+ experience in pushy water), ability to roll your kayak reliably in flatwater and some success rolling in current and/or trip coordinator approval.